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Essentials Health Regimen | Active Users
Essentials Health Regimen | Active Users
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The Picture of Health
A healthy Apricot should have at least two participating users actively accessing Apricot and entering data on a consistent basis. It is common practice to have one Administrator and at least two other standard users entering data into Apricot. Users do not all have to have the same level of access to Apricot, but having as many staff involved as possible can have a very positive effect on collaboration and engagement. 

Symptoms of a Lack of Active Users
When two or more users are not actively using Apricot, the following symptoms can be expected:

  1. Conduct frequent user trainings. Engage your users by quizzing their knowledge of their workflow process and asking for their feedback.

  2. Check User and Permission Set Records. Confirm users can all access Apricot and have only the permissions they need.

  3. Utilize the Record Audits Tool. Monitor the usage of your Apricot using the Record Audits tool on the Administrator. See the number of records entered each day by form, or focus on a specific user’s record entry.

Helpful Tools for a Healthy Database:

Add User Profiles: Managing users is an important part of managing your database. Apricot has a set number of active user seats. These seats can be opened up when a user is made inactive. Every User Seat has a Username, Password, profile image, and specific database permissions and settings.
Apricot tracks activity history for every user including records they have created, records they have modified, and reports they have run.

Assigning User Access: Users do not all have to have the same level of permissions. A permission set record, tied to each User Record, determines how much access the user should have to your database and data.
Users can also be granted some Administrative duties called “Roles” that allow them to perform certain tasks typically only handled by an Administrator.

User Settings and Preferences: Once user access is created in your Apricot, the user can then adjust some of their own settings and preferences. Some user settings, like password requirements and log-out time, are determined by the administrator.

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