Adding Users - Legacy Permissions

The information below is a general overview of the user management elements available to an Apricot Administrator

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User Seats

Your Apricot database has a limited number of user seats available. These users are split up into Standard and Administrator seats.

An Administrator user can access all parts of the database, including all of the records that have been entered into the system and all of the design elements used to create forms and reports.

A Standard user is generally someone who accesses the database to enter new data into records.

Users who once had access but are no longer allowed to use the database are called "Inactive" users. The history of what records they created or edited will remain in the system even after they have been deactivated.

Note: Administrators take both an Administrator seat and a Standard User seat

Note: Some sites may have "Guest" as an option. This is because you have Guest User access enabled (a premium, add-on feature).


Add New User Seat

If you believe you require more user seats, you can request them from the Customer Care team for a fee.



A permission set describes which forms a Standard user can access. If a user is to have access to general contact information for a client but not specific information about the services they are receiving, you can create a permission set for a user that allows access to a client face sheet but not to their services records.


User Record Level Access

If, in addition to limiting the access a user has to a form, you would like to limit which specific records a user can access, you may need User Record Level Access. This further restricts a user so they can only access records they themselves have created and/or are listed as the Owner of. 

For more information on User Record Level Access, please view the article here.


Hints and Tips

  • You cannot archive or delete users. Instead, make them Inactive so that they can no longer access your Apricot database.

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