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Articles for Apricot Administrators
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Backing Up / Extracting Data
Blueprints and the Participant Blueprint FormThe term "Blueprint Form" refers to a restricted form that is included with the latest versions of Apricot
Set Up Apricot SSO within AzureHow to setup Single Sign On in Microsoft Azure and pull the metadata into Apricot
Clearing Cache and Cookies
Taking a ScreenshotInstructions to take a screenshot.
Imports: Universal Address Lookup Field MappingsThis article addresses the inconsistencies with the Universal Address Lookup subfield names and the field names displayed by the Import Tool
IP Allowlist (IP Whitelist)Secure your Apricot Database by limiting access to specific IP addresses.
Program Assignment vs. Program Enrollment"Programs" in Apricot have a different function than the programs your organization offers.
Allow-listing Email Addresses#allowlist #whitelist #welcomelist
Apricot Packages | Essentials, Core and 360Get to know the differences between the Apricot packages that Bonterra offers.
Restoring Archived RecordsThis article outlines how to locate and restore records that have been archived in your database.
Connect PortalA brief overview of what Participants will see in their Connect Portal and how to change their password.
Apricot SandboxA Sandbox is a secondary database in which Administrators can conduct testing or training without making changes in their live site.
Opening the Error ConsoleIf Support needs more information to identify an error, they may ask you to open the error console on your browser and take a screenshot.
Disabling and Archiving Participants in ConnectClarifying the difference between disabling and archiving Connect Participants, and providing instructions on how to do so
Troubleshooting Connect with your ParticipantsAdministrators can go through these steps with their Connect Participants directly to help troubleshoot basic errors
Registering Participants in ConnectThis article will cover how to register participants in Connect.
Apricot Ideas PortalLet the Product and Development Teams know what features you would like to see in Apricot.
How to Create Navigation BulletinsWithin Apricot, you can create Bulletins with buttons to navigate to specific pages on the site.
Guest User AccessGuest User Access is a feature that allows non-staff or community members to become Apricot users with extremely limited access.
Connect Webinar and FAQWe hosted a webinar related to Connect and consolidated the most common questions asked during the presentation within this article
Assigning Connect Access to Standard Users
COVID-19 Screening Form TemplatesSocial Solutions has developed 4 screening forms that can be found in our template library and used in to any Apricot database.
Converting Date Values in Excel for Exporting ReportsThis article walks you through converting date values in Excel to optimize the filter function of Excel.
Mobile Apricot BetaAvailable to Core/360 clients, Mobile Apricot Beta capabilities has been released as an opt-in.
Defect Resolution Time Frame
Apricot Security and HostingSocial Solutions Global, Inc. (“SSG”) takes comprehensive measures to ensure that data is kept safe.
System Inactivity TimeoutAn Apricot Admin can specify how long a Standard user can be logged into a session in Apricot.
Cannot Load Secure Web Form
Equipment Needed to Access ApricotApricot is a web-based database. To access Apricot, you need a computer with internet access and an up-to-date internet browser.
Shared Files
Dashboard Bulletins
Apricot ConnectThis document outlines the second release of Connect capabilities for Apricot Core and 360 customers.
Multifactor AuthenticationMultifactor Authentication is an added security feature available to Apricot Core and Apricot 360 Users in the United States
Apricot Connect: Intake FormsIntake uses a Tier 1 Standard Form from your database to build an Intake Form. It's available to Apricot Core, Apricot 360, AFF, and AVS.
WorkflowsThis guide will walk you through how to use the Apricot Workflows module.
Import Tool | Table of ContentsThe Apricot Imports Tool is a feature that allows data from an Excel spreadsheet in .csv format to be inserted into the database.
Record Audit (Record History)
Apricot GlossaryView common Apricot terms in the Glossary below.
Apricot SettingsReference the number of user licenses, the list of a la carte features, general configuration settings, usage statistics, and your logo.
Revert an ImportAfter you have completed an import, you can "revert," or undo, it and remove the records or links you have imported.
Document Folder Merge ToolThis tool allows duplicate Tier 1 records to have their document folders merged, combining them into one document folder
My Apricot Tools
BulletinsApricot bulletins allow Administrators to create a message that can be shared on the My Apricot tab landing page.
User Information and User PreferencesYour personal user information is found in the top right corner of every Apricot page.
Accessibility Actions MenuExplanation of the Palette Dropdown option contained in the Accessibility section of the Apricot Settings page.
Adding Users - Legacy PermissionsThe information below is a general overview of the user management elements available to an Apricot Administrator
Attendance DashboardThis document covers the Attendance Dashboard.
FAQs | SQL Database ExportsThis living document provides answers for common questions regarding recurring and one-time Apricot database exports.
FAQs | SFTP for Automated Import