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Access and Permissions
Access and Permissions
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Accessing Apricot with a VPNAccessing Apricot abroad
How to Check Your Internet Speed
CaseloadsThis document outlines Caseloads, a security and workflow feature in Apricot
Advanced Access for Standard UsersAdvanced Access allows standard users to be assigned access to perform certain Administrative tasks
Program Roll Up & Roll DownProgram Roll Up & Roll Down describes the effect of assigning or removing programs from Tier 1 and/or Tier 2 records respectively.
Permission Sets - Legacy PermissionsUser access can be limited or granted by outlining which forms, reports and bulletins a user can see within the system.
Adding and Managing Users - Role Based PermissionsThis article goes over adding and managing users in the new Role Based Permissions UI.
Program IP RestrictionApricot Administrators can restrict which computers or locations can be used for login
Troubleshooting: Accessing Your Apricot SiteGeneral tips to help you troubleshoot common issues
Role Based PermissionsThis document outlines the user interface for Role Based Permissions
Ignore Program AssignmentIgnore Program Assignment allows your Standard users to view records that are not assigned to their program.
Changing Programs in ApricotApricot provides the ability to create different sets of users who have access to different kinds of forms and records.
Single Sign-On ErrorWhy am I getting a Single Sign-On error when trying to log into the Customer Support Portal?
Multi-Site FunctionalityThis article discusses the highest tier of user organization Apricot has to offer: Sites.
LoginThis article details the login page for Apricot
Assigning and Removing Programs in Bulk
Apricot TabsThe tabs across the top of your Apricot allow you to access different parts of the software.
Reverting Program Adjustments with "Bulk Assignments"The Bulk Assignment feature allows Administrators to undo mistakes that removed Program access via the search screen.
Granting Administrative FunctionsAssigned Roles for Standard Users
Granting Guest User Access through a Secure Web FormGuest User Access is a feature that allows non-staff or community members to become Apricot users with extremely limited access.
Adding and Managing Users - Legacy PermissionsThis article goes over adding and managing users in what is now known as Legacy Permissions
ProgramsUser access can be limited or granted within a program by outlining which forms, reports and bulletins a user can access.
PasswordsApricot passwords are assigned by your agency administrator when a user account is created, but they can be changed at any time by the user.
User Record Level Access (User RLA)Apricot administrators may restrict standard users' access to particular forms, records, reports, and bulletins.
User Lock-OutA user may become locked out of their Apricot account until it is unlocked by following specific steps in order to verify their identity.
Calendar Integration with Exchange (Outlook)With the Calendar tool, you can view Outlook calendars' availability from Apricot and add Outlook appointments when filling out records.