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Editing Forms and Creating Records
Editing Forms and Creating Records
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How to Locate a Record ID in Apricot
Multiple Users Editing the Same Record
Form Properties
Workflow Permissions
Updating Records After Adding Calculation Fields To An Existing Form
Adding Images to a Form
Program Enrollments
Translating Apricot Pages Using Google Translate
Form Creation & Structuring Through the Lens of Data Tables
User Lists
Apricot Connect: Supported Fields
Best Practices: Record Creation and Program Assignments
Best Practices: Multiselect (Checkbox/Multiselect Dropdown) Alternative Setup
Best Practices: Checkbox and Multiselect Alternative Setup
Converting Records Into PDF
Bulk Entry
Registration Grid - Custom Dates
Create Tier 2 Records
VIDEO | Create Tier 1 Records
Print Records From Document Folder (New Doc. Folder UI Update)
How To Replace a Field with a Different Field Type
Creating and Editing Records (New Document Folder UI)
Document Folder
Hide Report Name
Email Trigger Troubleshooting
Best Practices: Form Structure
Form Logic & Cascading Drop Downs
Tier 1 Forms versus Tier 2 Forms
Create T2 forms
Duplicate Check on Tier 2 Records
Electronic Signatures
Archiving Records
Troubleshooting: Duplicate Record Warning
Navigation Options - Tab Order
Print Record from Document Folder
Program Assignment Settings
Auto Populate
Canada: Special Fields for Canadian Apricot Organizations
System Fields
Design Forms
Hyperlink Fields
Lock Records
Tier 2 Form
Using Apricot Palettes
Date and Time Fields
Numeric Fields
VIDEO | Tier 1 and Tier 2 Forms in Apricot
Form Logic
Best Practices: Duplicate Check
Print and Export Individual Records
Template Library
Google Calendars - Integration
Special Field Properties
Import Update Tier 2 Records
Demographic Fields
Advanced Linking: Same Folder Linking
Data Archives
Internal Referrals
Filling Out a Record
Batch Records Tool
Calendars and the Scheduler Field
Import Update Tier 1 Records
Favorites Lists
Import Links
Special Fields
Secure Web Form
Import: Create Tier 2 Records
VIDEO: Publishing Forms
Option Fields
Standard Properties for Fields
Form Permissions
Calculation Fields
Import: Create Tier 1 Records
What is in a Form?
Creating and Editing Records
Email Trigger
Registration Grid
Creating Forms
How to Design Forms: Table of Contents
Advanced Linking: Wizard-Style Linking
Linking Fields
Adding and Removing Fields in a Form
Editing Forms
Upload Fields
Record Search
Lookup List
Form States
Document Folder
Deleting Records
Copying Records
Text Fields
Calculating Time Durations That Span Multiple Days