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Apricot 2020 Release Notes
Apricot 2020 Release Notes
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Apricot Release 7.48.0 | 12.15.2020 | Bug FixesThis article covers updates to Apricot deployed on the evening of December 15th, 2020. This release includes three bug fixes.
Apricot Release 9.25.20 | Bug Fix & Intake Duplicate Check UpdateThis release includes one high priority defect fix and an Intake Ideas Portal submission.
Release Notes 10.16.20 | Bug Fix
Apricot Release 9.25.20 | Connect Bug FixesThis release includes five Connect bug fixes launched on 9/25/2020.
Apricot Import Tool | Row Level Program AssignmentThis document outlines enhancements to the import tool launched on September 16th, 2020.
Apricot Release 10.6.20 | CaseloadsThis document outlines the initial release for the Caseloads functionality in Apricot Essentials on October 6, 2020.
Apricot Release 9.15.20 | Document Folder Enhancements/UpgradesThis article describes updates released on the evening of September 15th, 2020
Intake Success Message | Release NotesThis article details improvements to the Intake Form Builder launched on September 11th, 2020.
Data Integrations - Automated Imports | Release NotesThis document outlines the new enhancement we’ve made to allow for the automation of importing data from another system into Apricot.
Email Trigger Support for Mobile & Connect | Release NotesOn August 28, 2020, we released support for Email Triggers to Connect and Mobile Apricot.
Form Logic Support for Mobile & Connect | Release NotesThis article details updates to Mobile & Connect released July 31, 2020 to support Form Logic.
Census Data DashboardThis document outlines the version 1.0 release of the Census Data Dashboard for Apricot 360, released July 29th 2020.
Advanced Access (Role Based Permissions) | Release NotesAdmin users can now manage advanced access for standard users allowing standard users to be given access to certain Admin tasks as of 5/20.
Advanced Access | Release NotesThis document outlines the updates regarding the user experience and name change for product area/admin roles in Apricot, released 5/20/20.
Apricot Results Reporting (formerly Insights Reporting) | Release NotesThis document outlines the improvements made to Apricot Results Reporting on May 1, 2020.
Apricot 7.18 | 2020.02.05This article describes the 7.18 update, released February 5, 2020
Apricot 7.16 | 2020.01.14New Apricot Updates
Apricot 7.15.2 | 2020.01.07