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Apricot 2022 Release Notes
AHS Compliance Reporting Updates
AHS Compliance Reporting Updates
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Notice for 2023 APR/CAPER/CE-APR Updates:

On December 27th 2022, the HUD changes for the 2023 APR/CAPER/CE-APR specifications will go live for Compliance Reporting in preparation for January 1st requirements. This will include updates that change the way these reports appear, such as:

  • Q4: New columns for Total Number of Active Clients and Total Number of Active Households

  • Q5a: New columns for Count of Clients for DQ, and Count of Clients

Please ensure that any 2022 reports that are required by 12/31/2022 are completed before 12/27/2022.

Once the updates are applied, any report that is required to be completed prior to these updates may fail Sage validation upon submission due to the 2023 changes.

Notice for LSA Updates:
HUD recently made vendors aware of a new change to the LSA report that may affect PIT counts for Parenting Youths (18-24) and Parenting Child population. We are actively working on this change and plan to have it made available no later than 12/23. If you need to re-run your LSA, we recommend waiting until that change is complete.

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