Total and Subtotal Columns and Rows in Report Tables

The tables that contain total columns and rows can now have the numbers clicked on to generate a list of all individuals that apply to any given column or row of data for easier identification.

Note: Currently existing reports must be refreshed in order to generate the lists for totals and subtotals. This functionality is not yet available for the HIT, PIT, and PATH reports.

Combining Households - Matching Child HoHs with Adults

The "Combining Households - Matching Child HoHs with Adults" functionality from Appendix A of the HMIS Reporting Glossary, has been added to the Export HMIS CSVs function within the Compliance Reporting page.

Note: The table will not be shown during the export process when a report (APR, CAPER, etc...) is being run, it will only be generated when an HMIS CSV Export is run by itself. If there are no records to display, then the table will not appear.

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