Managed Services | System Admin Package

This support program provides a subject matter expert and works as if they are a member of your organization’s team.

Your dedicated expert provides a proactive maintenance and administration which means you never need to log onto the platform so that you have more time to further the organization’s purpose. We run your reports, deliver them, trouble shoot, resolve user issues, and ensure that the platform is leveraged to best meet your objectives. There is a Managed Service Package, as well as the opportunity for extra services



  • Scheduled, regular check-ins

  • Ad-hoc troubleshooting calls and email triage

User Maintenance

  • Add, Delete, Change Users

  • Manage user privileges in accordance with your compliance requirements

Run Reports

  • Run your pre-existing reports and Smart Documents in accordance with your timing requirements

Monitor Performance

  • Periodically test system performance

  • Monitor execution and recommend improvements

Run Audits of Reports

  • Run audit for agreed upon data health checks

  • Run other reports as necessary to ensure compliance with system usage

Annual Health Check

  • Perform annual health check

  • Provide recommendations via project plan

If you would like to learn more about any of the Support Add-On packages, please contact your account manager or simply reach out to:

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