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Apricot 2021 Release Notes
Apricot 1.3.0 | Apricot Schedule BETA Enhancements
Apricot 1.3.0 | Apricot Schedule BETA Enhancements

This release will focus on enhancements and defect fixes for our new Apricot Schedule (BETA) capability, released on the evening of 2/4/2021

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This release will focus on enhancements and defect fixes for our new Apricot Schedule (BETA) capability! Apricot Schedule is redefining how appointments are created and conducted in your day-to-day operations. We will continue to release improvements to this capability throughout the BETA period.

Functionality & Features

We released several enhancements to the Apricot Schedule (BETA) capability. Please see details below.

How to add an appointment

  • In order to add an appointment, click on “Add Appointment” in the upper righthand corner.

  • Search for your participant. This dropdown will populate with a list of records from the Tier 1 form that was indicated on the Configuration Page. The dropdown will show the Participant Name and the Participant Quick View Field (secondary identifier for the participant). The Participant Quick View Field dropdown is populated from the list of elements on the selected participant form which have Quick View checked.

  • Note: A participant’s name will be grayed out if they do not have an email address filled out.

  • Select your participant. You can select multiple participants.

  • Select the staff attendees – This can be yourself or this can be other staff members. At this time, a user can choose any other staff member, meaning a user can add an appointment to any other user’s calendar.

  • Select the date/time of the appointment.

  • Fill in the appropriate Appointment Title and Description.

  • Check the box to include Video Conference Info, if you have already linked your video conferencing account from the Add Calendar page.

  • Type in the location, if not already auto-populated with your video conferencing account information.

  • Click “Add. This will add the appointment to all Staff Attendees’ calendars and it will send an appointment notification email to participant attendees at the email indicated on their Tier 1 form.

  • Note: If you click the “Add Appointment' button, you will need to click “Cancel” to get back to calendar.

  • Note: Apricot Schedule appointments will not be available in record audits, as they are not Apricot records.

How to manage your availability

You can now manage your availability right from within Apricot! If you are out of the office, in the field or away from your desk, you can configure an additional layer of availability so that appointments from Apricot cannot be made with you during that time.

  • You can set additional availability in Apricot, making certain times and days unavailable.

  • This is particularly helpful if you are out of office or in the field on certain days every week.

  • Simply navigate to the new “Manage My Availability” page, click on different times to make yourself unavailable, and click “Save”.

  • You can choose whether to include all of your calendars in this Availability setting, or just certain ones.

  • Similarly, you can extend or minimize your availability start/end times, by clicking the gear icon in the top right of the “Manage My Availability” page. Appointments will only be able to be scheduled in the new set of hours, so by extending or shortening these hours, you are able to better match your real work schedule.

  • This should be viewed as additional layer of availability configurability, in addition to what you already have set in your external calendar account.

How to add multiple calendar accounts

You are now able to add multiple calendar accounts with Apricot Schedule (BETA).

  • Simply click on the “+ Add Calendar Account” button on the new “Add Calendar” page, click on your provider, and continue with the syncing workflow.

  • The page will also show you which accounts are active.

How to remove a calendar account

You can also now remove a synced calendar account from Apricot Schedule (BETA) as well.

  • Simply click on the “Edit Accounts” button on the new “Add Calendar” page and click on X next to whatever calendar account you would like to remove

How to link video conferencing account

  • Not only can you sync your calendar account, as well as additional calendar accounts, from the Add Calendar page, but you can also link your video conferencing account. After linking your account and following a similar verification workflow, you will be able to auto-populate your video conferencing information when adding an appointment. Simply click on the link in order to begin the workflow!

  • When adding an appointment, you can check the box to include video conferencing. It will remove the location text box, using your video conferencing information instead.

  • NOTE: Right now, it will not be immediately obvious that you have successfully synced your video conferencing account, as the link to add a video conferencing account will remain on the page. We will look to address that soon.

Updates to Calendars dropdown

We have updated the “Calendars” dropdown in order to provide a more intuitive, seamless experience when looking at multiple users’ calendars.


We fixed several defects in this release as well. Below is a full list:

  • The exit button on the appointment overview popup on the Day view is no longer hidden by the top navigation bar.

  • When you click ‘Add’ or 'Delete' appointment, Apricot Schedule will now appropriately reflect that addition or deletion immediately.

  • Apricot Schedule no longer errors out with a high number of forms.

  • The 'Time period of current appointment' now appropriately reflects the correct time period from the 'Edit Appointment' page.

  • The Availability picker on the ‘Add/Edit Appointment’ page now properly reflects selected staffs' configured availability.

  • Users are now able to scroll to the bottom of the optional T1 form list on the Apricot Schedule Configuration page.

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