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Apricot Release 7.49.0 | 12.29.2020 | Ideas Portal Update
Apricot Release 7.49.0 | 12.29.2020 | Ideas Portal Update

This article covers release 7.49, released on December 29, 2020. The update includes our switch to a new ideas portal

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In response to feedback we are switching ideas portal providers

Ideas Portal Homepage

  1. Once user clicks “Submit Idea” in left side nav in the My Apricot tab, the ideas portal homepage will load in a new tab. From the homepage users can vote, search, view, and sort existing ideas, see their previous submissions and votes, and create new ideas

  2. To search for an existing idea or ideas that meet certain criteria, type keyword(s) into the search bar and hit enter.

  3. To see how many ideas and how many votes a user submitted, users should refer to “My ideas” and “My vote” counts.

  4. To filter the All Ideas view by category, users can click the desired category. Please note users can only filter on one category at a time. Users can also see the total number of ideas per category in this list. Ideas can have more than one category.

  5. Previously submitted ideas are displayed in the All Ideas view. Ideas show as a summary, including the title, first few sentences of the description, category, status and current vote total. It may also include submitter name. To vote for the idea without opening the idea to see all information, click “VOTE”. To see all information collected for the idea, including full description, importance to the organization and any comments on the idea, click anywhere on the idea summary.

  6. To submit a new idea, click “+ Add New Idea"

Adding New Ideas

Once user clicks Add New Idea from the Homepage, user will be routed to the idea submission form. The form includes 5 total questions, 4 of which are required.

1. Tell us your idea! – this is the title of your idea. It’s best to make it short, clear, and powerful. Clear titles maximize chances of getting upvoted and makes it easier for the Product Team to understand your ask.

Good examples include:

  • “Re-subscribe Option for Direct Message Recipients”

  • “Time-based Alerts for Caseworkers”

  • “Connect Accounts for Families”

2. What are you trying to achieve? – this is where you share important context that is critical for our Product Team to understand. Tell us why this is important for your organization. The more you stress the why, the greater the likelihood of idea implementation.

Note: Users can include attachments here. Screenshots are very helpful context.

3. What is your current workaround? – tell us if and how you are currently filling the gap.

Note: Users can include attachments here. Screenshots are very helpful context.

4. How important is this idea to your organization on a scale of 1-10? – this quantitative metric helps us gauge priority. Be honest when submitting this number, development resources are not infinite.

5. Choose category for this category that most applies. When the Product Team reviews ideas, they can add additional categories.

6. Click Add Idea to submit. The idea will now appear in the All Ideas list and will be searchable.

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