Archiving removes the record of participants' registration through your Apricot Connect participant type. The archived participants will appear as unregistered participants. Participants that have been archived in error can be restored by simply following the same steps to register a participant to a participant type. Archiving participants can be helpful if you need to change the registered email address of participants, or if you need to move a participant from one participant type to another.

*** BEWARE: Disabling participants does not remove participants from a participant type. ***

Rather, it removes the ability of the participant to access their Apricot Connect account.

Archiving a Participant:

First, locate the participants you would like to archive.

To locate a participant:

1. Open the Administrator tab,

2. Click on the Connect dropdown on the left-hand menu to expand

3. Select Participant from the ‘Connect’ drop-down options.

4. Select a Connect Participant Type and click view.

5. Use the search field, if necessary, to locate the participant you want to archive; type into the search field to narrow your search results.

6. When you have located participant, click the checkbox next to the participant,

7. Once you have selected the participants that you would like to archive, click "Archive" located to the left of the search field.

8. Archive.

*** If a participant is archived by mistake, the participant can be registered in the participant type again. ***

* Helpful Tips: Archiving and re-registering participants will resend the initial welcome login email to participants, this can be a useful tool if participants did not receive the initial welcome email, or if changes need to be made to participants, such as the associated participant email address.

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