Guest User Access

Guest User Access is a feature that allows non-staff or community members to become Apricot users with extremely limited access.

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Guest Users are limited to working with 5 total forms by default. You can establish a form as a "Guest Form" in your Apricot Settings:

In addition to setting a form as a Guest Form in your settings, guest users must be linked to a permission set granting them access to view, search, create, or edit these forms:

It is a best practice to create permission sets specific to your group of Guest Users. Aside from that, guest user access will be established in exactly the same way as a Standard User. For more information on establishing accesses, or permission sets, please check out this article.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Guest users can access reports provided that the forms included in those reports are both set as guest forms in your Apricot settings, and accessible via the guest user's linked permissions

  • Access to tier 2 forms and records, in general, is only possible when a user can also access it's associated tier 1 form. This means that setting a tier 2 form as a guest form requires also setting it's associated tier 1 as a guest form within your Apricot settings. This counts as 2 total forms from the perspective of Apricot

  • If you would like to set up an external link to send to folks who you would like to sign up as guest users, we have a more detailed article here

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