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Apricot 7.4 | New Document Folder UI
Apricot 7.4 | New Document Folder UI
Updated over a week ago

Overview - This tab details an at-a-glance view of the tier 1 profile and recent tier 2 entries

Document Folder - This tab will display all the associated tier 2 records that have been created

Links - This tab details any links to the tier 1 record (Does not include links to tier 2 records within the folder)

Quick View Information - Expand to see any additional quick view information that has been set within the tier 1 form

Recent Activities - This shows recent tier 2 entries in the order in which they were created

Add New Document - Clicking this button allows you to create a new tier 2 record

Print Records - Clicking this button will allow printing the full document folder or any subset of records therein

More Options - Click here to find the options to create a referral (Only available to Core and Apricot360), check the record history, or track attendance (Only available when a registration grid is used)

Create Referral - Clicking here allows users to refer clients to additional programs within your Apricot

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