Reports that have been built and run in Apricot can also be exported as Excel files. The Apricot 6.3 upgrade allows you to choose which version of Excel you would like these reports to be exported as. You can choose from .XLS (Excel 97 - 2003) or .XLSX (Excel 2007).

Export from My Reports

  1. Click the My Apricot tab at the top of the page.

2. Under My Apricot Tools, select My Reports.

3. Expand a report category.

4. Hover over the Actions tab.

5. Select Export.


Export from Run Version of Report

You can also export from the run version of the report.

1. Once the report is open, select Export.


Make Selections

Either of these pages will take you to the Export Report page.

1. The name of your report will be listed here.

2. You can choose to export with or without totals.

3. You can select a file format for export. .XLSX will be selected by default.

4. When you have made your selections, click Export Report. The report will be downloaded according to your browser protocols.

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