Report Export Enhancements

Some new features for exporting Apricot reports have been added.

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Some new features for exporting Apricot reports have been added, including the ability to select individual sections. As well as the ability to export a report as a .csv file when exporting one section.

New Interface

  1. Access export options from the run version of a report or from the report list on the My Reports page. Hover over the Actions menu and select "Export."

2. The new interface allows you to make selections for your export, including which type of file you would like to export. File options available include:

- .XLS: Compatible with Excel 97- Excel 2003

- .XLSX: Compatible with Excel 2007 and later.

- .CSV: Stands for "Comma Separated Value"; these files often open in Excel but do not contain the same level of data checking as an Excel file, and is only available when exporting one section at a time since .CSV files do not have pages or sheets.

3. You can select which one of the report's sections will export, or leave "All Sections" selected.

4. When you have made your selections, click 'Export' to export your report.

Exporting Individual Section

  1. If you decide or need to export only one section, you will be able to select which section from the drop down menu that appears below the "One Section" options once it is selected.

2. .CSV file export is only available when you have selected one section to export.

*If you have a large report that you have had trouble exporting, exporting it one section at a time may improve your results.

Data Style Checking Option

  1. Data Style Checking provides an extra method of processing your reported data to ensure that Excel correctly reads information such as date columns as "dates" and not as "general."

- Enable Checking Data Styles when you plan to further filter your report in Excel based on information in date or number columns.

  • Disable Checking Data Styles when you have a large report that will not otherwise export.

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