By default, users have access to records created by themselves, other users linked to the same program, or records assigned to that program by an administrator.  In some cases, this level of access restriction may not be desired.  If so, select the option for Ignore Program Assignment within any applicable permission sets.  

Navigate to Permission Set

  1. Navigate to the Administrator tab
  2. Click User/Program Profiles
  3. Click Programs
  4. Add a search field if necessary
  5. Click the appropriate Program
  1. Click drop down arrow to display Permission Sets
  2. Click appropriate permission set

Edit Permission Set

  1. Check/uncheck Ignore Program Assignment for appropriate forms
  2. Keep in mind, in order to apply User RLA, Ignore Program Assignment must also be active.  See article for more information on User RLA: User Record Level Access (User RLA)
  3. Save record
  4. View Folder
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