Individual records can be printed after they have been opened. Instructions can be found here: Print-and-Export-Individual-Records.

If instead you would like to print a Tier 1 record and all of its associated Tier 2 records, that function can be accessed from the Document-Folder.

Access Document Folder

  1. To access a document folder, click the My Apricot tab at the top of the page.

  2. Click on "Search Records" in the left hand menu.

  3. Select the name of the Tier 1 form you would like to access. THis will open the search page associated with the form.

  4. If necessary, expand the black arrow to the right of Add Search Field to search these records.

  5. Click the row of the record you would like to open

*Note: If you add search criteria and click on the green font, it will open the Tier 1 instead of it's document folder.

1. The Overview tab information from the Tier 1 record...

2. ...and access to all the associated Tier 2 records.

3. To print the Tier 1 record and all of its associated Tier 2 records, select Print Records from the right hand palette.

Print options are available for both the Tier 1 record and each of the Tier 2 records.

1. Expand the black arrow to select how much of the Tier 1 record to print.

- All 'Form Name' Info: will print the entire Tier 1 record.

- Just Quick View Info: will only print the fields of the record that have been set to Quick View.

- No 'Form Name' Info: will not print any information from the Tier 1 record.

2. Expand the green plus icon next to the name of the Tier 2 form to access options. You will see the Record Name listed here for each tier 2 record.

3. Print all of the records associated with a form, or...

4. which records to print.

5. Select Print.

Printing Quick View Fields

If you choose to print only the quick view fields from the Tier 1 record, this is what will appear in the print view.

1. Information listed under "Quick View Information" will be taken from the fields on the Tier 1 form that have been set to quick view. They are in order according to their placement on the form.

Instructions for changing the fields that have been set to quick view can be found here: Standard Properties for Fields

Once the print view has opened, select print options.

- Show Empty Values: will print fields that have not been filled in on the record.

- Enable Record Page breaks: will print each record on a separate page.

- Enable Section Page breaks: will print each section on a separate page.

- Shrink to Fit: will shrink field width to allow them to fit onto a printed page.

- Expand All: will expand all sections of a record so that none are collapsed.

Your record will open in a print view according to your internet browser protocols.

*Note: Please note that when in print mode, a Checkbox field will only show the checked option. Options that are not checked in this field will not show while in print mode.

  • In print mode, you will not be able to print the uploaded image in Attach Doc fields.

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