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Reverting Program Adjustments with "Bulk Assignments"
Reverting Program Adjustments with "Bulk Assignments"

The Bulk Assignment feature allows Administrators to undo mistakes that removed Program access via the search screen.

Updated over a week ago

Attention: Apricot is now Bonterra Case Management. Please bear with us as we update our screenshots to match our new name.

How Can Program Access Be Removed in Bulk?

The most common way access can potentially be removed in bulk is by doing it in mass via the search screen. Adding records to a Program is outlined in the Adjust Access article. We have provided a screenshot in this article for reference on the inverse (removing Programs from records) since this is one of the reasons you may want to undo that:


  • Removing an Assigned Program from a Tier 1 Record via the search functionality will remove the Assigned Program from any associated Tier 2 Records.

How To Restore Access When Removed in Bulk

  1. Click on the Administrator tab

  2. Click on Bulk Assignments. Notice we have a square highlighted area that shows the words "removed" and "added". This means that Programs were removed or added from records in bulk. Each line is a specific Program from specific records, and it also shows which user adjusted the access in bulk as well as the date and time.

  3. Hover over Actions

  4. Click Restore


  • You will not receive a notification that access was restored. It will just disappear from the Bulk Assignments list.

  • You must adjust a minimum of 6 records in order for it to show up in the Bulk Assignments list.

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