Templates can be an easy-to-use starting point, and can be modified for specific use.

Accessing the Template Library

  1. To access the template library, open the Administrator tab.

2. In the left hand menu, select Templates.

3. Expand the black arrow next to the template category you would like to explore.

4. When you find a template you would like to use, hover over the Actions tab.

5. Select Preview to see a preview of the template in a pop-up window. Select Use to open a copy of this template in form designer.

Publishing a Form from Template:

Here is the form as a template, ready to be published.

  1. Once you select publish, this form will be added to your list of available forms in your Apricot database and your users will have access to fill it out and begin collecting data.

Creating a Tier 2 Form from Template

  1. Head to your list of standard forms

  2. Hover over 'Actions' for the Tier 1 which should contain the new Tier 2 form

  3. Click 'New Tier 2 From Template'

  4. Expand the category which contains the template

  5. Hover over 'Actions'

  6. Click 'Use'

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