Apricot Calendars can be integrated with Google or Exchange Calendars, allowing for events to be scheduled and event Invitations to be created and emailed to Apricot users and/or Administrators who have a Gmail or Exchange account and an Apricot Calendar configured for their username.  The scheduler field, which can be added to a form for data entry, can be used with an integrated calendar to verify a user's availability.

Using an Integrated Calendar

To view a calendar, an Administrator must first configure an email account to send information to Apricot. For more information on how to set this up, please see the Help Center section on Exchange Calendars, or Google Calendars.

1. To view a calendar that has been configured, click the My Apricot tab at the top of the page.

2. In the left hand menu, select My Calendars.

3. Under Available Calendars, select a calendar from the list.

4. The selected web calendar will appear (Gmail or Exchange)


Using the Scheduler field on a Record

The Scheduler field will now take any events you add to the Scheduler and align them with the selected calendar that has been integrated with Apricot.

1. Name your event.

2. Schedule your event.

3. Select an integrated calendar.

4. Click "Check Availability."

5. Apricot will tell you if the day and time is available in the configured calendar and will send out an event invite to the owner of the calendar when the record is saved (in the above photo, this field is blank because "Check Availability" had not been selected).

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