Why Use a Link?

Some of the forms in your Apricot database automatically have a relationship. Tier 1 forms are, by design, connected to the Tier 2 records that live under them.

Linking is a way to create or add a relationship between two Tier 1 forms, a Tier 1 Form and an unrelated Tier 2 form, or two unrelated Tier 2 forms that would not otherwise have any connection to each other. If you track several different programs, each with their own Tier 1 form, links could connect clients who are being served in several different programs at the same time.

Linking may also be a step in your workflow. Sometimes link fields are used to open a window into a different part of the database where you can create new records or edit necessary information before continuing with other data entry.


When to Use a Link

Your Apricot database Administrator will decide which forms need to be connected with a link and will add a link field on the appropriate forms. When you use these forms to collect data, you will have the opportunity to create a link with a link field.


A Link Field

The example above shows a link field on a record before it has been used to link records together.

The Administrator has named this field "Linked Household."

All link fields will also have an Add button.

Creating a Link

1. To connect this record to another with a link, click the Add button. This will open a search window showing all possible records.

2. If you would like to filter your results, or if the record you wish to link is not visible on the first page, you may expand the black arrow to add a search field of your choice. You may then use this search field to filter the available records.

3. Choose the record you would like to link. This will immediately create a link to that record.

4. Clicking the "create new" button will open a new, blank record to be filled out. When you create a new record through this link window, a link will be automatically created when you fill out and save the new record.


1. After you have selected records to link and have saved your record, the links will appear as active links.

2. Clicking the green text will take you to the linked record.


Deleting a Link

If a link has been added in error or needs to be removed, it can be deleted.

  1. Uncheck the box under "Active." This will de-activate the link, but the link will still exist and will still need to be deleted. Save the record.

1. Uncheck the box "Hide Deactivated Links." Your deactivated link will appear.

2. Select the trashcan icon.

3. Confirm your deletion.

Once a link has been deactivated and deleted, it can be re-added if necessary.

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